Arun Gee’s Rise

Arun Gee
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Hailing from a middle-class background in Delhi, India, Arun Gee, or Guru Gee as he’s known, wasn’t your average young boy. Born in 1981, his entrepreneurial spirit flickered to life at just 16.

Highlights of Arun Gee’s journey

Fueled by the inspiration of Indian business titans, Gee embarked on his own journey at a young age, founding the Excellency Group in 2002 at the age of 21. Today, the Group boasts a presence across three countries, a testament to Gee’s determination and vision.

More than just business ventures, Gee’s companies represent the essence of entrepreneurial spirit. He embodies the audacity to dream big, the creativity to make it happen, and the unwavering trust that forms the cornerstone of success.

Within just five years of its founding, Excellency Holdings, established in 2020, has propelled the Group to a global stage. From its base in New Delhi, Gee’s diversified ventures encompass real estate, construction, hospitality, education, IT, and even the oil sector.

But Arun Gee’s journey extends beyond building his own empire. He’s a serial entrepreneur, actively fostering innovation by angel investing in nearly 15 startups, with a remarkable success rate of propelling seven of them to significant growth.

Arun Gee’s story is an inspiration, a testament to the power of determination, vision, and relentless pursuit of excellence. His ventures continue to shape industries, both domestically and internationally.

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