Arun Kumar Saini: From schooling dropout to billionaire

Arun Kumar Saini
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Young entrepreneur Arun Kumar Saini is expanding his companies by bringing Indian business mindset to globe

For Arun Kumar Saini, CEO, Ario Holdings, it’s all about values — it’s a non-negotiable trait for him when it comes to business. And he learnt one of the key lessons about ethics during his childhood.

“My first business was when I was 10. During the holidays, I would run a sweet shop in my Birth Place. I would borrow money from my elder brother  and walk to the market, which was a few kilometres away. I would bring back the chocolates and sell them to others.”

“I was weak in English but good in mathematics and with my father’s help I stood pass in class 10. Then I had only one ambition, to help my father, who was my idol,” the entrepreneur said.

The entrepreneur credits this incident with influencing him the most when it comes to his business ideology. “Apart from focusing on my work, it taught me that you should never cheat anyone. Never take away something from someone when you don’t have the right,” he said.

Arun Kumar Saini


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