Cyclone Remal Heads for West Bengal and Bangladesh Coasts

A satellite image of Cyclone Remal swirling over the Bay of Bengal, with thick cloud bands and a well-defined eye.
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Cyclone Remal, the first pre-monsoon cyclone of the Bay of Bengal in 2024, is churning its way towards the coasts of West Bengal and Bangladesh. The India Meteorological Department (IMD) predicts a landfall by Sunday evening, May 26th, with Remal intensifying into a severe cyclonic storm.

Cyclone Remal Paths and Impacts

Formation and Movement: Remal originated as a low-pressure system over the Bay of Bengal on May 22nd. IMD forecasts suggest it will intensify into a depression by Friday morning (May 24th) and a cyclonic storm by Saturday (May 25th). Remal is expected to maintain a northeasterly trajectory, reaching the Bangladesh and West Bengal coasts by Sunday evening.

Wind Speed and Rainfall: Wind speeds are predicted to reach 102 kilometers per hour (63 mph) upon landfall. Very heavy rainfall is anticipated in the coastal districts of West Bengal, north Odisha, Mizoram, Tripura, and south Manipur on May 26th and 27th.

Preparations and Advisories

Alerts Issued: An orange alert for light to moderate rainfall has been issued for Kolkata, Howrah, Nadia, Jhargram, and other districts of West Bengal. Authorities in both West Bengal and Bangladesh are on high alert, implementing evacuation plans and emergency response measures.

Fishermen Warnings: The IMD has strongly advised fishermen to return to the coast and avoid venturing into the Bay of Bengal until May 27th.

Closely Monitor Weather Updates: Keep yourself updated on the latest weather bulletins from the IMD. You can access these through official government websites or weather apps.

Follow Local Advisories: Pay close attention to advisories issued by local authorities in your area. Heed evacuation orders if necessary and prioritize your safety.

Stock Up on Essentials: Ensure you have a sufficient stock of food, water, and essential supplies to last for a few days in case of power outages or disruptions.

Prepare an Emergency Kit: Include a first-aid kit, medications, important documents, and a battery-powered radio in your emergency kit.

Remember, it’s crucial to stay informed and prepared for Cyclone Remal’s impact. By taking the necessary precautions, you can ensure your safety and well-being during this weather event.

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